A Day to Remember with Moments to Cherish

Here at Townend Wedding Photography we offer five different photographic packages to capture those memorable moments. We have male and female photographers to capture your wedding photos.

There is no limit to the number of pictures taken on the day and you will view all the captured shots on a compact disc multimedia show. This enables you to choose your favourite images to include in your album at your leisure. More than one CD can be made available so that you can pass it round to your family and friends. Any of the photographic effects that you see on our website or in our sample albums ie. black & white/special effects etc. are included in the price of each montage package.

Choose from one of our services detailed below or, alternatively, if you have something specific in mind or are working to a budget, no problem! Please speak to us for an individual quote and we can gladly tailor one of our packages to suit.

Compact Disc Wedding

This package allows you to keep your initial costs down but have the option to have an album designed for you at a later stage. We attend your wedding for four hours, covering the church, all photographs afterwards and at the reception. The hi-res images are written to a CD for you to print yourself. No album is included with this service but we put your entire wedding photos on a DVD presentation. You can come back later and I can give you a quote to produce an album from the Montage, Storybook or Digital Matted Album collection.


Graphistudio’s Young Book. “Special Offer”

"It is authentic and unconventional elegance."

A 30 page, 30x20cm album that comes with its own presentation box. The box and album cover can feature the same design to continue the theme throughout the album, or offer a limitless choice of colour combinations. You can choose from a landscape, upright or square format. There is no limit to the number of pictures taken during the day.

You choose forty pictures to go into your album and you can preview the pages and make one set of changes before the book goes to print. The photography time and coverage is the same as the compact disc wedding but no high-resolution images are included. You preview your entire wedding photos on a DVD presentation.


Diamond Montage Wedding

"From rollers to reception"
Our Diamond package includes a visit to your home to take a selection of pictures getting ready before you leave for the church.

I arrive at the church forty-five minutes before the start of the service and capture your guests arriving, then cover all pictures during the service and afterwards in the church grounds and any location of your choice on route to the reception.

I photograph you entering the reception the speeches and your first dance at your evening party.


Your album is a 30 page, 25x25cm book from the Madrid range of albums. You choose 100 pictures designed to your personnel requirements. You can preview the finished pages and make one set of changes before the album goes to print. This album also includes a CD with all the high-resolution images for you to print yourself.

A home visit is possible for the compact disc wedding or the young book package for an extra £80. Should you like to buy extra pages for your album a price is available on request?

If you would like to see any of our albums in the comfort of your own, home or discuss any aspect of the price lists, please see the leaflet for my contact details.

The Storybook and Digital Matted Albums

All sizes in centimetres in landscape, vertical and square formats


20x30 30 pages (sides) hardback cover £1395
25x35 30 pages (sides) cover and copyright £1795
30x40 40 pages (sides) cover and copyright £2195

The Digital Matted Album

20 pages one paper type throughout album and copyright £1995
20 pages Multi paper throughout the album and copyright £2150
Parents Book 20x30 Hardbound £200
Parents Book 15x20 x 2 copies £200
Guest Book 10x13 Hardbound (4 copies) £140
Guests Book 10x13 Paperback (8 copies) £140
Guest Book 10x13 Paperback (15 copies) £140

DMA albums come in sizes ranging from 25x35 35x25 25x25 and 30x30 All albums include a visit to the bride’s home before leaving for church, pictures during the service and in the church grounds and pictures back at the reception and your first dance.

You preview your wedding photos on a DVD presentation then view the finished pages and make one set of changes before the album goes to print. See our leaflet for contact details.